History, Grandeur, Warmth

London has it all - Roman ruins, a Medieval street layout, and the opulence of empire. Through centuries of strife, fire, fabulous wealth, grinding poverty, and polital upheaval, Londoners have retired to their beloved pubs to swap stories, share the news, and laugh away their troubles.

Here, at a Nicholson's pub, is the real London - the one that survived the blitz, cheered for victory, and shook hands on deals for tea and sugar from the farthest corners of the globe. Our pubs have stood the test of time. They've welcomed guests through the days of empire and through two world wars. And still the smile at the door is as warm as it was on the day the first bartender pulled the first pint.

On a Nicholson's Ale Trail you see London hospitality at its best - and just as our founder, William Nicholson, envisaged it. In the polished wood, gleaming brass, decorative tiles, etched glass, and wrout ironwork of a Nicholson's pub, you see the true heart of the city.

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