Half Mast

Session IPA
Siren Craft Brew

Pours light golden colour and could show a delicate natural haze - the beer is fined but not filtered, pasteurised or centrifuged. 

Absolutely popping with tropical fruit character, especially mango and grapefruit, from the heavy dosing of American hops. Supported by some background caramel notes coming through.

An IPA with a quarter of the alcohol, but not lacking in the flavour, impact or balance that you would expect from a Siren beer. The hops in this beer shine through with tropical and citrus flavours - but expect to be surprised by a light caramel backbone and a body that belies its ABV, thanks in part to an addition of oats.

Did you know Originally a summer seasonal, we now brew this most of the year due to phenomenal demand. The beer uses more hops than our flagship IPA - which is twice the strength!

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