Crown of Canary Wharf

Henry Addington crowned Best Bar None Award


We are proud to announce The Henry Addington, Nicholson’s, Canary Wharf pub has been named Crown of Canary Wharf at the Tower Hamlets Council Best Bar None Awards. The Henry Addington pub was voted top of the Bar category at an awards ceremony attended by the borough’s vibrant night time economy in celebration of the Canary Wharf community. “We are so proud to have won this award. It was a total surprise and a great reward for myself and the team, plus a huge positive for the whole of the Canary Wharf business community.” - Henry Addington pub manger, Christine Young.

Our pubs heritage is bound up with Canary Wharf, part of the West India Docks, the finest of the enclosed docks once vital to the Port of London. Henry Addington was the First Viscount Sidmouth and Prime Minister between 1801 and 1804. He enjoyed the favour of George III because, as a doctor, he had treated him through one of his bouts of madness.

The Henry Addington is one of our many rare gems. A quintessential British pub which retains much of its tradition and original charm. Join us to celebrate our ‘Best Bar None’ award, and enjoy an eclectic range of real ales and quality pub foods with a hearty measure of famous British Hospitality.