The health benefits of drinking gin

6 Surprising health benefits of drinking gin

It might surprise you a little to discover that traditionally gin was used as a herbal medicine, and there are in fact some health benefits to drinking the popular spirit — in moderation of course.

1. Superfood
The juniper berries in gin contain elements which can help to fight infection and prevent heart disease, as well as improve the blood's circulation around the body; these powerful little seeds are a superfood, and also help to fight liver and kidney disease.

2. Antioxidants
The powerful little purple juniper berries in gin are packed with antioxidants, which are proven to increase the regeneration of cells in the body. The result is healthier and smoother skin… maybe even less wrinkles!

3. Low calorie
As with many spirits, gin is low in calories — approximately 97 per shot. This is all thanks to the main ingredients of juniper berries in a gin, which increase the amount of enzymes that break down food and help with digestion.

The health benefits of gin

4. Live longer
It’s those little berries again — they’re a natural remedy which can flush harmful toxins and bacteria from your system. Packed with flavonoids, juniper berries are known for fighting disease, improving the circulation of blood, increasing metabolism, and helping prevent heart disease. The key to this (as with anything) is moderation. Excessive consumption, or binge drinking, can have harmful effects on the liver, kidneys and heart.

5. Strong bones
It’s not just calcium that can strengthen your bones, but the ingredients in gin can help here too! As well as providing relief for aching, and gout. The alcohol in gin, and the presence of the juniper berries can be used as treatment for chronic pain, and inflammations — Gin soaked raisins are a known remedy for joint pain, specifically arthritis. 

6. Coughs
Gin is beautiful when infused with herbs and spices, and ingredients such as ginger and lemon are a known remedy for soothing a sore throat. The oils in the juniper berries also contribute toward helping with ailments such as lung congestion and clearing mucus.