Shed Seven Brews a Beer for Nicholson's


On Wednesday 20th September, one of our York pubs, the Old White Swan, played host to one of the most influential bands in the Brit-pop music scene and their new beer - Shed Seven’s ‘Going for Gold’ ale launch event!

Brewed with Rudgate brewery in York, Shed Seven have entered the beer market as part of Nicholson’s Beer Showcase Autumn Seasonal range and we’re thrilled to have them on board!


At the event, the Old White Swan was filled with dozens of Shed Seven fans eager to taste the new beer and meet the band. Named after their best-known song, Shed Seven created the limited edition golden ale in collaboration with both Nicholson’s and Rudgate just as their first track in 16 years is making its debut.

Craig Lee, the Managing Director of Rudgate brewery stated that he had been waiting for the start of this year’s Beer Showcase to release the band’s beer, due to the fact that it coincides with Shed Seven’s new song release ‘Room in my House’ which was played in the pub after a Q&A.


The delicious golden ale with hints of mango went down a treat with members of the band and fans. Shed Seven’s front man, Rick Witter said that:

It’s fantastic to drink up a beer made for us by a local brewery and taste it in a bar in our home city first before it goes nationwide.

We usually drink lager and this ale is nice and fruity. I’m very impressed. Music and beer blend together really well and this is something we have discussed after other bands teamed up with breweries. So when we were asked to collaborate it was a no-brainer

The band’s Going for Gold ale will be available alongside our other 28 new beers at this year’s Beer Showcase, accompanied by beer themed events including guest talks, workshops, tastings, offers and competitions!