St Patrick's Day

Raise a glass with us this St Patrick's Day

From Friday 17th March we'll be celebrating St Patrick's Day in style at Nicholson's. Join us over the Paddy's Day weekend this year to raise a glass to the Irish saint and join us for a perfectly poured pint of Guinness. 

To help you impress your friends with some pointless Paddy's Day facts over the weekend here's five of them about our favourite Saint.

  1. Although he was born in England, St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, born around 385AD.

  2. Had he have not legally changed his name, March 17th would be celebrated as Maewyn Succat’s Day.

  3. He was kidnapped as a teenager and sold into slavery, spending almost a decade herding sheep in Ireland. He later became ordained as a priest among the Celtic pagans.

  4. Blue was the original colour of his vestments, however green came from St Patrick’s use of the shamrock and the emerald Isle.

  5. Contrary to belief, there is no evidence there were any snakes for St Patrick to chase out of Ireland. 

Find your local Nicholson's Pub and celebrate with us this St Patrick's Day.