Become part of the Nicholson's story

Each pub in the Nicholson's collection has a unique character, but it's the people inside who help bring it to life.

Rewarding roles

Working at Flying Horse can be a rewarding experience at every level. We expect our team members to have a diligent approach to delivering nothing short of a first-class service. In return, we offer good salary and benefits packages with excellent training and career opportunities. If you're considering working in a similar establishment elsewhere, why not find other Nicholson's pubs around the country?

Manager positions

As custodians of our values, heritage and fastidious standards, our managers are responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly and that no detail is overlooked. If you'd like a management role you can relish, and have the relevant experience and leadership skills, then we'd love to hear from you. Apply here.

Waiting and bar staff

If you're looking for bar work in Oxford Street London, and take pride in pulling the perfect pint - then a position at Flying Horse could be for you. Or perhaps you don't have experience yet but would love to learn. Apply here.