Tank Beer Served Here

Meantime Brewery fresh lager served at the Hatton

During the cold winter months of January 2017, we close dour doors for a few weeks to refurb your beloved Sir Chirstopher Hatton pub….

When we emerged in early February, as well a beautifully refurbished pub and a brand new bar, we had two more new additions to the team.

Stood proudly next to our bar now are two tanks holding some of the freshest and most delicious beer that London has to offer…

We worked with Greenwich-based brewery Meantime Brewing Company to introduce their   Brewery Fresh tank beer into our historic building in the iconic Hatton Gardens. Delivered by Meantime’s tankers direct from the maturation vessels within the brewery in Greenwich to the tanks in our pub, it offers all of our beer fans the opportunity to enjoy a pint of Brewery Fresh Lager that tastes as fresh as the day it was made.

Join us at the Hatton and order your Brewery Fresh lager, to discover it for yourself!

Tank Beer taps at The Sir Christopher Hatton
Tank Beer taps at The Sir Christopher Hatton