There’s nothing quite like a cocktail for adding class to your visit to The Woodins Shades, whether it’s something bubbly on the side of a leisurely brunch, or something indulgent as an after-dinner tipple that’ll keep the catch-up flowing.

Dive into new mixologist-crafted cocktails like our Pornstar Martini, a classic that won’t quit, our Espresso Martini, with flavours that’ll keep you dancing all night, or a selection of new Mojitos, including Classic, Passionfruit or Raspberry.

For a summer filled with glamour and glitz, might we suggest a brand-new Spritz? Our Berry Fusion Spritz will fill your summer evenings with flavours of berry and vanilla, while our Elderflower Spritz is as delicate and refined as it is refreshing.

Going low or no? You won’t be left feeling alone. We’ll pour you our new Tanqueray 0.0 Collins, an alcohol-free update to our classic Collins.

Shake shake… What cocktail shall we make?