The Nicholson’s Beer Showcase

A season full of new cask ales and craft beers

We are immensely proud of our pubs in Nicholson’s: from the rich heritage and history of each pub, to the delicious food they serve, as well as the wide array of beers available for our guests to enjoy.

Throughout the Summer, we will be working with a selection of breweries across the length and breadth of the UK, to bring some new and exclusive beers to our bars – showcasing an array of new and limited edition cask, keg, and packaged beers.

We’ve worked with 6 breweries from the end of May to the middle of July to showcase more than 50 brews this summer.

Join us during our Beer Showcase to sample the limited edition range. After all, once they’re gone, they’re gone!



We’ve teamed up with award-winning craft brewery, Purity Brewing Company to launch our Showcase with their ever-growing range of phenomenal beers. Founded in 2005 in Alcester, Warwickshire, Purity set out on a mission of brewing great beer without prejudice, with a conscience, and with a consistency and attention to detail, which they continue to deliver today.

Purity brew a number of sustainable beers and ales, and these will be available for you to taste at our Showcase. Try the Longhorn IPA and Bunny Hop on cask, Saddle Black in cans, or the exclusive XPA brewed with hops and malts sourced entirely from Britain, which we brewed in conjunction with our Nicholson’s Senior Cask Masters.

The food & beer matching menu will help you to pair your perfectly poured pint with delicious food offering from the Nicholson’s food menus.


Sambrook’s Brewery, London

Sambrooks Brewery was founded back in 2008, when there were just five breweries in London. With a firm focus on bringing brewing back into the heart of the capital, Sambrooks rolled its very first cask of Wandle out of its doors in November of that year. Ever since, the Battersea-based brewhouse has been consistently producing a host of award-winning beers to the delight of beer drinkers everywhere.

Sambrooks brews a number of different beers to delight beer drinkers during the Showcase including Wandle is their flagship cask ale and is named after the local river that flows from
Carshalton and joins the Thames just five minutes from the brewery.

There’ll be 7 cask ales to choose from, including the likes of Pumphouse Pale Ale, Junction, Session, Powerhouse Porter, and an exclusive red IPA, which has been brewed especially for the Showcase in conjunction with our Senior Cask Masters.


Kirkstall Brewery, Leeds

Kirkstall Brewery was inspired by the rich brewing history of Kirkstall village, which later formed part of the city of Leeds. The brewing company boasts a rich history spanning from the 12th century, where the Cistercian monks founded Kirkstall Abbey and began the area’s brewing legacy. Kirkstall founded their own brewery in 2011, and continue to produce fastidious range of brewed beer with a contemporary twist.

We’re delighted to be serving 8 of Kirkstall’s cask ales at our showcase, including Dissolution IPA and their classic BYB (Best Yorkshire Bitter), as well as 2 keg beers. For the more adventurous drinker you’ll also be able to sample Kirkstall’s Chilli and Chocolate Dexter Milk Stout!
We’ve teamed up with Kirkstall for the Summer Showcase to bring some of their
delicious creations to our pubs around the country from the 11th June to 24th June.


Thornbridge Brewery

Thornbridge Brewery was founded in 2005 after the establishment of a 10 barrel brewery in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall. With a focus purely on the production of cask beers using traditional recipes, and incorporating a distinctly contemporary twist courtesy of its brewing team, Thornbridge Brewery saw national recognition for its range. After winning a succession of awards it opened a new state of the art, brewery and bottling line in September 2009, which ensured it could meet demand and broaden its already impressive repertoire and range.

Thornbridge will be showcasing 12 different cask ales during its Tap-takeover including the Severnia, a luscious Citrus Peel Pale Ale, and their Summer Ale with Honey, Beekeepers, and Kaipur. Two new bottled beers will also be available to try, including the new Pineapple Halcyon a delicious imperial Pineapple IPA only available from the 25th June to 8th July.



Stewarts Brewing are proud to have established themselves as Edinburgh’s local, independent brewery. Founded in 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart, the brewery began producing a line of 3 cask ales round the clock at maximum capacity, naturally, this led to a brand new 50 hectolitre Bavarian brew kit being housed in a new custom-built brewery — which is open to the public to visit.

Stewarts Brewing will showcase 6 of their cask ales over the duration of our ‘Tap-takeover’, as well as 2 keg beers including chocolate orange stout. The brewery will also be hosting ‘Tasting Nights’ across all of our Scottish pubs, to ensure you perfectly pair our delicious food with an outstanding Stewart’s ale.


Black Isle, Brewing Co. Munlochy

Black Isle are the UK’s premier organic brewery, renowned for making world class beers from the finest organic malt and hops grown on farms without chemicals. Based in the Scottish Highlands near Inverness, the brewery even have their own ‘Brewery House Cow’, who eats malt from the mash tun, and produces 20 pints of fresh milk everyday.

We’ve chosen a range of their organic beers to serve during the summer. Look
out for them from the 18th June through until 8th July.