Introducing a Siren Craft Brew in association with Nicholson’s

Come out, come out, wherever you are — for it’s the Nicholson’s Autumn Beer Showcase, and this Halloween we’re bringing you something scarily good!

We’ve teamed up with the creative cask masters, Siren Craft Brew for our Beer Showcase, and you’ll find their beers (and many more) in each of our English pubs until 4th November. Thanks to this special partnership we’ve secured Siren’s brand-new Halloween beer, exclusively for Nicholson’s.

So, without further ado…

We’d like to introduce ‘Here’s Johnny’, 5.5% Red IPA — a shockingly good beer inspired by one of our all-time favourites, The Shining. Without a doubt one of the stars of our Autumn Beer Showcase, this beer is available exclusively in our English Nicholson’s pubs for a limited time only.

So, no stalling... join us now & we’ll start pouring.