THE BEER SHOWCASE ON AT The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

From April 25th, join us at The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast in a celebration of all things ale, whether your favourite British craft tipples are from cask or keg, traditional or craft, stout or golden – there’ll be something for even the most discerning of palettes in Belfast.

An extensive variety of flavours, styles, brands, and leading Pale Ale brewers will be here, including:

Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPA, Laine Brew Co Breaker Pale Ale, Tiny Rebel Cali Pale Ale, Big Smoke Brew Co Fruji Pale Ale, Bliss Point Hazy American Pale Ale, St Austell Brewery Tribute Cornish Pale Ale, Dark Star American Pale Ale, Ghost Ship Pale Ale, Velo Citrus Pale Ale, The Wild Beer Co Bibble Pale Ale, Adnams Eastern Edge Pale Ale, Vocation Brewery Heary & Soul Session IPA, Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale, Stewart Brewing Holyrood Pale Ale.

Are you ready to explore the glory of ale?

Breweries Nicholson's are working with this season