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Summer’s here and so is our 4th annual Gin Festival at The Last Drop! And this year there’s even more for you to explore.

We’ve partnered with 5 fantastic British breweries including the likes Purity and BrewDog to showcase their very own gin. We’ve also got 3 new gins that are perfect for sipping on this summer! Whatever your tipple, we’ll have a G&T for you.

From 29th July - 8th September, we’ll be taking your taste buds on an expedition through an array of new and exciting gins from the UK and around the world, as well as re-creations of old gin styles brought back to life for the modern gin drinker.

At The Last Drop, we’re proud to serve our guests the finest gins of all kinds, from sweet and fruity sloe gins, summer cups and Old Tom styles, all the way to the juniper-heavy and robust navy strength gins.

So come down to The Last Drop in Edinburgh this year to enjoy some truly unique gins that are packed with flavour and are sure to make for another memorable festival.


Gin Festival at Nicholson's


Brewdog Lone Wolf Gin
Brewdog Lone Wolf – Scotland, 40%

A zest-filled start gives way to delicate spice notes from the coriander, pink peppercorns and mace: a perfect complement to the citrus fruits. Lavender provides a delicate floral sweetness and Scots pine needles help to embed the juniper. We’ve paired this with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic. 

  • Gin style: Juniper-heavy and robust
  • Taste: Lavender and citrus notes run alongside a forage of pine needles and fierce juniper backbone.
  • Garnish: Pink grapefruit
Juniper - Heavy and Robust
Adnams Copper House Pink Gin
Adnams Copper House Pink – Suffolk, England, 40%

Made with Adnams award-winning Copper House Dry Gin with a dash of raspberries – It’s the perfect drink for a summers day. Best paired with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic. 


  • Gin style: Sweet and fruity
  • Taste: Lots of fresh raspberry notes and hints of juniper
  • Garnish: Strawberries
Sweet & Fruity
Purity Brewery X Turncoat Cascade Gin
Purity Brewery X Turncoat Cascade Gin – Liverpool, England, 43%

A collaboration gin using hops straight out of the Purity hop store, creating a collusion of modern distilling and brewing. We love to pair this with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic.


  • Gin style: Modern and distinctive
  • Taste: Incredible bursts of citrus aroma are balanced with a cardamom backbone. The addition of the cascade hops enhances the flavour profile with piney and herbal notes.
Modern and Distinctive


Gin Sul
Gin Sul – Hamburg, Germany, 43%

A fresh, elegant and aromatic gin which captures the fragrance of the Western Algarve. Small batch distillation with only 198 bottles being produced per batch. Best paired with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic.

  • Gin style: Modern and distinctive
  • Taste: Complex, citrusy, savoury
  • Garnish: Orange wedge
Modern & Distinctive
Chapel Down Gin
Chapel Down – Kent, England, 41.2%

This gin was produced with distilled Bacchus grape skins and infused with juniper, coriander, elderflower, orris, angelica, lavender, orange peel and lemon. We love to pair this with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

  • Gin style: Light and citrus
  • Taste: A highly aromatic gin with ripe citrus fruits
  • Garnish: Lemon wedge
Light & Fruity
King of Soho
King of Soho – London, England, 42%

(only available in London pubs)

King of Soho, anything goes. A smooth & full bodied flavour gives way to classic juniper and pine notes, along with a refreshing zest of citrus oil — all balanced by angelica root and cassia. Best paired with Fever-Tree Premium Tonic.

  • Taste: Smooth and full-bodied; soft juniper, coriander, with a high presence of citrus botanicals including grapefruit peel, balanced by angelica root and cassia.
  • Garnish: Pink grapefruit


Here are a few of the ways you can enjoy some of our select gins:

Tarquins Hopster Gin
Hop & Ginger

The perfect summer serve and a real taste of Cornwall. We’ve paired the Tarquin’s Hopster Gin with Fever-Tree Ginger Ale and garnished with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint.

Chapel Down Gin
British G&T

A simply classic gin & tonic. Chapel Down Bacchus Gin paired with Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic and garnished with an orange wedge.

Light & Citrus
JJ Whitley Violet Gin
Parma Violet

A throwback to a quintessential British Flavour. We take JJ Whitley Violet gin and pair it with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and garnish it with a lemon wedge.

Sweet & Fruity
Hand-picked gins at Nicholson's

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The popularity of Gin in recent years has seen some non-traditional places, like breweries, wanting to try their hand at making their own version.

This year, it's all about the quality of gin - there’s been a huge rise in premium gins as well as new desire to try different mixers, like ginger ale.

Keep an eye out for our next gin adventure! In the meantime, why don’t you come to The Last Drop and enjoy our stellar selection of premium & world gins — served in a tall glass over ice and garnish.

Gin Festival drinks range

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Gin Festival Highlights



Excited to come to our 4th annual Gin Festival? Have a look at our video from last year’s event, as well as some pictures to get a flavour of what to expect.