Winter Cask Ales at your local Nicholson’s

The winter months are well and truly here, so to keep you warm and cosy we’ve updated our range of cask ales in selected Nicholson’s pubs.

Below is a list of cask ales we’ll be serving in the coming months, each has a brief description along with tasting notes that are sure to whet your appetite in anticipation.

Although not all of our new collection will be available in every pub, the good news is that your resident Cask Master has carefully curated a selection of ales especially for your local.

Our Winter Cask Ales

Wiley Fox Brewery’s Crafty Fox

First impressions matter and Crafty Fox's fantastic pale copper hue, fruity malty notes with subtle toffee-flavoured elements are sure to tantalise your tastebuds. It's a certainty that this particularly Crafty Fox will tempt you back to your local Nicholson’s for more flavour-packed goodness.

Sharps’ Cornish Winter Milk Stout

Creamy chocolate flavours punctuated by roasted malt scents make this full-bodied Cornish winter stout a fantastic addition to our cask ales. Perfect for a cold winter's evening, this stout is even better when enjoyed with one of our perfectly cooked steaks or other barbequed meats — Sharps' Cornish Winter Milk Stout is certain to leave a memorable impression on the palette, every time, without fail.

The Pheasantry’s Vulcan Golden Ale

Order a pint of this at your local Nicholson’s and prepare for lift-off! Originally brewed to help raise money for the restoration of the iconic Vulcan XH558, this refreshing golden ale will take your taste buds on a flight of fancy, thanks to its refreshing tropical flavours that are perfectly amplified by a subtly delivered spicy finish.

Orkney Brewery’s Dark Island

This famous ale is packed with ripe, fruity, chocolate-infused aromas that deliver a satisfying sip each and every time. Perfectly complemented by a combination of roasted malts and robust hops, featuring coffee, dark chocolate, dates and a supremely smooth nutty flavour. It's fair to say that Dark Island is on the cusp of perfection when paired with one of our roast dinners or hearty pies.

Northern Monk Eternal Session IPA

This American-style IPA never fails to raise a smile with it's refreshing yet hoppy tangerine tones. At just 4.1%, it's a wonderful session drink akin to a UK pale ale. Its Comet and Centennial hops dominate to great effect here, bringing to the fore big tangerine aromas and a quenching citrus finish.

Mondo Jenny Jenny Cream Ale

Named after the 1981 Tommy Tutone pop number 1, Jenny Jenny is a light, orange-hued cream ale that’s sure to get your feet tapping. It has a lovely balance of bitterness and sweetness thanks to its floral, citrus notes. Once it’s been perfectly poured by a member of our team, expect a light, straw-coloured beer that just so happens to pair perfectly with our roast dinner.

Little Critters Brewing Company’s Blonde Bear

This bready, lightly caramel malt complements the variety of premium of whole hops. Expect a satisfying, authentic and moreish blond beer with a light body. As well as all that, you can expect hints of tropical fruit balanced with a lovely earthiness.

Inveralmond’s Fionnar Session Stout

This session stout is a perfect balance of big coffee hits and sweet hoppy aromas. This stout is perfect for a cold winter's afternoon, it may look dark and moody but don’t be fooled, this beer is a perfect easy-drinking option for when you’re meeting up with friends for a well-deserved catch-up.

Hook Norton Brewery’s Hooky Bitter

A classic session beer from Oxfordshire. A wonderfully subtle balance that’s golden, bitter and hoppy on the nose. And with an auburn, light amber hue this beer’s got the looks to match its flavour. This Hooky Bitter will hook you in and at 3.5% ABV, have you heading back to the bar for more.

Fyne Ales’ Jarl Citra Session Blonde

You won’t forget your first sip of this Citra Session Blonde, expect waves of fruity citrus notes and clean, refreshing finish. Fyne Ales was one of the first UK breweries to use Citra Hops, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to zesty blonde beers. Order one of our delicious fish dishes and discover your new favourite combinations.

Five Points Brewing Co’s Citrus Pale

Head to Nicholson’s and enjoy this thirst-quenching Citrus Pale Ale brewed with organic Sicilian lemon and grapefruit zest. Take in the tropical notes on the nose before tasting a subtle sweetness and light bitterness. Upon serving, expect a dark yellow colour with a haze running throughout the glass and just the right amount of foam.

Exmoor Fox

A very special bitter. This classic beer is crafted using a special blend of malts and English hops to create a copper looking beer with a complex subtlety. Expect a maltiness on the tongue before a burst of hops lingers along with a bitter-sweet aftertaste — this is a bitter you won’t forget in a while.

Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Untitled IPA

A pump clip inspired by the founder of Pop Art, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, should be all you need to know about this complex IPA. Untitled is packed with marmalade and mandarin tasting notes that will have your thirst well and truly quenched, that, plus a whole host of different hops create a pleasant summer fruits bitterness that’s hard to ignore.

Dorset Brewing Company’s Frosted Jack Pale Golden Ale

Despite its name, Frosted Jack pale ale is a perfect winter warmer. This golden beer has aromas of orange, lemon, pine and thanks to 4 different hops, possess a crisp and biscuit taste.

Adnams Southwold Mosaic Pale Ale

This might be a pale ale but that doesn’t mean that Adnams Southwold Mosaic Pale Ale shies away from packing a punch. Enjoy big, bold flavours like mango, peach, lemon and pine all ended with a dry hoppy finish, thanks to the use of just one hop — Mosaic.