Nicholson’s 150-year anniversary

William Nicholson – Distiller, politician, cricket player, benefactor, and our founder in 1873, and now… We’re turning 150! For an awe-inspiring century and a half, we’ve remained true to William’s ideals of what a great pub should be: warm and welcoming, where people can live life to the full in beautiful buildings brimming with character.

Within our historic walls, you’ll find a superb range of cask ales – including our Nicholson’s Pale Ale – as well as our hand-crafted speciality pies and comforting pub classics. Whichever Nicholson’s pub you visit, each has its own distinctive warmth, genuine service, and vibrant atmosphere.

Ever since our pub poured its first pint – a mind-blowing 150 years ago! – we’ve been a cornerstone of distinctively inviting British pubs. In that time, we’ve seen it all…

We saw Tower Bridge construction begin in 1886 and the opening of The Forth Bridge – connecting Fife and Edinburgh – in 1890, cheered on the suffragette movement, raised a glass to the founding of the NHS, watched the Millennium Dome be built in 1997 (then opened a Nicholson’s Pub inside it), held our breath as history was made in multiple London Olympics, and celebrated the milestones of British royalty right alongside you.

It's thirsty work, so let’s toast to the next 150 years, shall we?


Nicholson’s 150-year anniversary

We may be turning an awe-inspiring 150 years old, but we’re in this for the long run, and that’s why we’re taking sustainability seriously. Whilst we’re proud of where we’re currently at, there’s always more that can be done to help protect the planet we’ve seen for so long.

We’ve been perfecting Nicholson’s pubs since 1873 – And The Blackfriar is no exception.

Built in 1875, and one of the very first Nicholson’s Pubs, The Blackfriar is an Art Nouveau Grade II masterpiece boasting an individual style, large personality, and rich history. Located on Queen Victoria Street in London, the building was designed by architect H. Fuller-Clark and artist Henry Poole, who were both committed to the free-thinking arts and crafts movement.

Discover the history and heritage of this beautiful pub, as told by award winning writer and beer connoisseur Pete Brown as he interviews manager, John Mckeone about this ‘living museum’.