Food Pairings

The Big Autumn 2018 Beer Showcase - 40 New Ales & Beers to Try!

Join us for a season filled with an exciting collection of cask ales and craft beers. We’ve handpicked a selection of standout breweries from across the UK to bring you an exclusive collection of limited-edition ales & beers. Whatever your favourite tipple, we’ve got a variety of delicious, freshly-cooked, pub dishes that’ll complement it superbly.


Have a look below at our recommendations for this season’s spectacular showcase of food and drink pairings:

Nicholson's Steak Pie

Steak, Amber Ale & Mushroom Pie

The deliciously drinkable and dark red Vital Spark from Fyne Ales is surprisingly fruity with roast malt flavours that develop a long dry finish. Give it a try to see for yourself — it’s available exclusively to all of our guests across Scotland & NI.

London Brewing Co’s 100 Oysters is available in our pubs across London. The supremely dark stout has traditional flavours that deliver a mineral tanginess. It’s off-white head is full of oats which gives a smooth-mouth feel that is enhanced by the addition of boiled oyster shells and meat.

The light amber Joshua Jane brewed by Ilkley has a light caramel sweetness, with a soft lasting bitterness — it’s well-rounded and balanced, easy-drinking and not at all too bitter!

The dark yet fruity flavours of these ales are best enjoyed with our slow cooked Steak, Amber Ale & Mushroom Pie, encased in shortcrust pastry, served with mashed potato, steamed greens & glazed Chantenay carrots.

Nicholson's Grilled Salmon

Grilled Fillet of Salmon

The light and citrusy Easy Trail from Fyne Ale’s Brewery is the perfect refreshment to enjoy alongside our Grilled Fillet of Salmon, served with herb-glazed baby potatoes, fennel relish & a Champagne Thermidor sauce. Originating in Scotland and born from the Workbench IPA project, this amber IPA is easy-drinking and doesn’t hold back on hop flavours.

Nicholson's Old Spot Sausages

Gloucester Old Spot Sausages

London Brewing Co’s Admiral of the Red is inspired by the ruling of Britannia where the Admiral of the fleet and his ship flew a red ensign. Dark red in colour and with citrus aromas, this ale sports a chewy mouthfeel of red and tropical fruits.

Try a pint of Admiral, or even Ilkley Brewery’s award winning Mary Jane — our best selling beer by a country mile! It’s intensely refreshing, with a citrus aroma and well-balanced bitterness.

Both pair perfectly with our Gloucester Old Spot Sausages, served on a bed of mashed potato & topped with a rich caramelised onion gravy. There’s also a vegetarian option of this dish available.

Nicholson's Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Fyne Ale’s Jarl takes its name from the Norse word for chief or leader. So, it’s no surprise to us that it’s citrus and grassy hop flavours dominate the palate. Pale gold in colour with a light and refreshing dry finish, this blonde ale goes perfectly with our ultimate and authentic Nicholson’s Fish & Chips — hand-battered in our very own Pale Ale and served with, chunky tartare sauce & mushy peas.