The Nicholson’s Autumn Beer Showcase

Our Autumn Beer Showcase has now come to a close, and once again it was a very popular affair with many of you enjoying our stunning collection of beers in our Nicholson’s pubs throughout England and Scotland.

For this years showcase we teamed up with five breweries from across the UK to deliver an exclusive collection of limited-edition cask, keg, and packaged beers.

All in all, there were more than 40 brews on offer across each of our England and Scotland pubs, giving our customers ample opportunities to explore our range and discover a new favourite!

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We’ve teamed up with UK breweries to showcase more than 40 brews this autumn season.

A season full of new cask ales and craft beers

We are immensely proud of our pubs in Nicholson’s: the rich heritage they possess, the delicious food they serve and the wide array of beers available for our guests to enjoy. We’re working with 5 breweries from the end of September to the beginning of November to showcase more than 40 brews this autumn. Click the link below to see our seasonal range of ales.

London Brewing Co.

London Brewing Co

London Brewing Co. - North Finchley, London, England

London Brewing Co. was set up in 2011, since then the number of breweries in the capital has quadrupled, which was helped by the opening of London Brewing Co’s brewery at The Bohemia in 2014.

The brewhouse itself resides inside the trading area at The Bohemia, boasting a large 66 barrel brew kit, and it has the capacity to produce 20,000 pints a week, while trading — impressive stuff!

They currently produce up to 10 different beers on site, from the likes of Best Bitter & IPA all the way through to fruity & sour beers.

At our Autumn Beer Showcase, we had a great range of the London Brewing Co’s collection, including the likes of the American malty but sweet Skyline, light and citrusy London Lush, a fruity Phuscia with added pureed raspberry & cherries, and that was just a brief insight into what was being offered throughout the showcase!




Siren - Wokingham, England

Formed in 2013, Siren Craft Brew was created with the aim of introducing a number of exciting, full-flavoured and forward thinking beers. In it’s own words, it was a simple idea, and it worked!

There are six Sirens that characterise each of their exciting flavours. Yu Lu, Undercurrent, Sound Wave, Liquid Mistress, Broken Dream and Calypso are the names for each of the drink types from the pale ales, IPAs, stout & porters, right through to the sour & saison variants.

We had a wonderful selection of cask ales from Siren throughout our Autumn Beer Showcase, including the likes of the light and tropical Half Mast, the chocolatey and unctuous Sweet Dream, and the dark brown Cold Blooded Steeped Porter with coffee, biscuit & caramel aromas.

Guests were even able to try out our exclusive Halloween-inspired beer, “Here’s Johnny!”, a nod to The Shining one of our favourite scary movies of all time and also the timeless line uttered by Jack Nicholson.



Wooha Brewery

Wooha - Kinloss, Scotland

The Nairn-based WooHa Brewing Company was officially established back in 2013, with a dedicated focus on making a selection of great tasting bottle and KeyKeg conditioned beer to share across the globe — at least that’s what they say!

Using a combination of expertly blended malts, balanced flavours and cold, clear Scottish water, WooHa produce an incredible range of award winning ales and lagers. If you’d like to try something new, cutting-edge and exciting, why not try one of these mad cow brews.

We had an extensive collection of cask ales to choose from throughout our Autumn Beer Showcase, including the likes of the bright and zesty Sunshine IPA, rich and malty Off Kilter, and the pleasingly bitter ruby Red Ale — to name but a few.


Ilkley Brewery

Ilkley Brewery

Ilkley Brewery - Ilkley, England

Ilkley Brewery was originally founded in 1873, quickly growing to become one of the regions leading beverage producers and suppliers. The brewery was eventually absorbed into the the Hammonds Bradford Brewery Co, followed by Bass, before being closed down in the early 1920s. It was reopened in 2009, and much like its predecessor the new brewery rapidly built a reputation due to the quality of its ingredients and formidable skillset of the brewing team.

Ilkley Brewery has grown at an outstanding rate and now produces more than 50,000 pints a week.

In recent years the brewery has faced increasing competition from the rise in popularity of microbreweries, undeterred Ilkley Brewery continues to pride itself on creating a selection of more than 56 distinctive and enjoyable ales, including the likes of Mary Jane pale session ale, the big and bold Alpha Beta, the award-winning new world Hendrix APA, Juiced in Time citrus pale ale and many more.


Fyne Ales

Fyne Ales

Fyne Ales - Cairndow, Scotland

Founded at the beginning of the new millenium, in the year 2000. Fyne Ales was created with the intention of bringing quality beer, jobs and tourism to its rural home in Argyll. The first ever brew took place on St. Andrews Day in November 2001, a dark amber coloured bittersweet ale named Highlander. This ale would go onto win multiple awards and continues to add to its list of accolades every year.

Over the years, Fyne Ales has gone from strength to strength and it continues to brew a number of interesting and wide-ranging ales in a variety of flavours.

There were a host of Fyne Ales cask ales to choose from throughout our Autumn Beer Showcase, including the likes of the rich and smokey Carved in Fire, hoppy Fading Light Session IPA, pale and citrusy Hurricane Jack, and dark fruity Vital Spark.


Join us for a season of tap-takeovers, and sample our limited edition range from selected breweries — once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Breweries Nicholson's are working with this season