North West

There are four Nicholson's in the North West of the UK, You'll visit four pubs enriched in British history and culture; from a pub that survived the Blitz in WWII to a pub that reputedly has the most extravegent Gentlemen's toilets in pub history! All you have to do is download the Hop Circle app, click start and head to the first of our traditional great British pubs to have a drink. Once inside, buy your drink, scan the app and then when you have finished, visit the next pub. Once you have been to all four pubs a reward will drop into your app.


The Bank stands within the Portico Library, one of the city's finest institutions. In 1803, a group of wealthy businessmen raised funds to build a library to match Manchester's status as a world-class city. They built it here in 'the most elegant and retired street in town'.

Old Wellington

This building has fuelled much of Manchester's glorious commercial and industrial past. The Old Wellington's past inhabitants founded the city's first bank, developed its cotton industry, and built the city's first quay. In 1998, the entire building was dismantled and moved 100m before being reassembled exactly as it was before the move.

Sawyers Arms

The Sawyers Arms is a grade II listed building proudly standing on Deansgate, one of Manchester’s most historic streets. Pints have been proudly poured here since the 1700’s.  

Philharmonic Dining Rooms

The 'Phil', as we're affectionately known, takes its name from the concert hall opposite. The building is a dazzlingly flamboyant piece of Victorian architecture. It's been described as 'the most ornate pub in England' and 'the most lavish pub in Britain'. The craftsman's art reaches its peak in the gentlemen's toilet. Ladies may view with permission – and with caution.