Famous for our Cask Ale

Nicholson's is famous for its cask ale

Every time you order a pint of something delicious in one of our pubs, you’re taking part in a tradition that stretches back to 1873. Since then, poets, politicians and scoundrels have all enjoyed the fine ales, warm welcome and ornate décor. Every one of our pubs has a resident Cask Master who’s job it is to make sure the quality of all the beers and ciders coming out of our cellars and being served to you are the very best they can be. 

We’re such huge fans of cask ale that we’ve even crafted our own Nicholson’s Pale Ale that we serve on tap. NPA is now 5 years old and we’ve recently started bottling it for consumption in and out of our pubs. Right from grain to grass, we brew our NPA with Cornish malt, hops and Cornish water – creating its signature golden glow. With its toasted caramel aroma, orange citrus and biscuit malt background, it’s not surprise that we’ve sold nearly 5 million pints over the past 5 years.