4 reasons why the Fruit Cup is the drink for you this summer

Fruit Cups, or Summer Cups as they’re sometimes known, were a favourite with our guests when our pubs first opened in 1873. As one of the oldest gin styles to be served in pubs it’s no surprise that Fruit Cups are still so popular. Throughout our 3rd annual summer Gin Festival, we’ve created a selection of eclectic Fruit Cups for you to try, including the sweet and fruity Plymouth with aromatic zesty orange bitters, or the award winning Ableforth’s Bathtub created with cold-distilled strawberries, cucumber, orange and mint.

Nicholson's Summer Cups

1. Sociable:

The history of the Fruit Cup starts with punch — the type served with a ladle from a large bowl at parties. We love a celebration, so we’ve created three delicious Fruit Cups for you to try at our festival.

2. Versatility is key:

Rumoured to originate from the Sanskrit word for five, Fruit Cups are full of weird and wonderful ingredients. Traditionally these are: spirit, water, citrus, spices and sugar. Choose to drink it with lemonade, ginger ale, Fever-tree tonic, or whatever takes your fancy.            

3. Delicious and nutritious:

Did you know that in the Middle Ages, gin was used as a form of medicine? In moderation, gin can carry some surprising health benefits such as fighting off a cough, or carrying antioxidants that fight of free radicals. It’s also low in calories.

4. Excuses excuses:

Having been around for almost 200 years, it’s no wonder that there’s plenty of exciting flavours and combinations of Fruit Cups to be enjoyed. Punch was one of the most popular British tipples to be enjoyed in pubs, and we’re giving you every excuse to try as many as you might like!