Group Bookings at The Coal Hole

Choose from our variety of menus which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and any dietary needs.

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Situated in the Strand, London and near a collection of bustling auditoriums and theatres, The Coal Hole is the perfect venue space for your next event or party. Our characteristic cellar bar provides a perfect space for hosting groups and parties. You can exit the pub through the rear, where it’ll take you onto to the beautiful Embankment gardens, and you can even for a lovely stroll along the Thames if you wish.

Whatever the occasion, a private birthday party, event, business meeting or drinks reception, we have the perfect private space that can be hired out on request. Our menu can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Group bookings are subject to a deposit being secured. The maximum number in a  group booking at the Coal Hole for an event is 50, due to our licensing restricts. Unfortunately there is currently no availability for large group bookings to be placed on Saturday.